Trip times

If you would like to help brush and harness the horse, let me know and turn up 10 minutes prior to departure time.

If the time doesn’t quite suit it may be possible to change it slightly depending on the tide.

September 2017

Monday 11th8.00am
Tuesday 12th8.30am
Wednesday 13th9.00am
Thursday 14th10.00am
Friday 15th11.00am
Saturday 16th12.00pm
Sunday 17th1.00pm
Monday 18th2.00pm
Tuesday 19th2.30pm
Wednesday 20th3.00pm
Thursday 21st3.30pm
Friday 22nd4.00pm
Saturday 23rd4.30pm
Sunday 24th8.00am
Monday 25th8.30am
Tuesday 26th9.00am
Wednesday 27th9.30am
Thursday 28th10.00am
Friday 29th11.00am
Saturday 30th12.00pm

October 2017

Sunday 1st1.00pm
Monday 2nd2.00pm
Tuesday 3rd2.30pm
Wednesday 4th3.00pm
Thursday 5th4.00pm
Friday 6th5.00pm
Saturday 7th5.00pm
Sunday 8th6.00pm
Monday 9th8.00am or 6.00pm
Tuesday 10th8.30am
Wednesday 11th9.00am
Thursday 12th10.00am
Friday 13th11.00am
Saturday 14th12.00pm
Sunday 15th1.00pm
Monday 16th2.00pm
Tuesday 17th3.00pm
Wednesday 18th4.00pm
Thursday 19th4.00pm
Friday 20th5.00pm
Saturday 21st6.00pm
Sunday 22nd6.00pm
Monday 23rd6.00pm
Tuesday 24th8.00am or 6.00pm
Wednesday 25th9.00am
Thursday 26th9.00am
Friday 27th10.00am
Saturday 28th11.00am
Sunday 29th11.00am
Monday 30th12.00pm
Tuesday 31st1.00pm

November 2017

Wednesday 1st2.00pm
Thursday 2nd3.00pm
Friday 3rd3.00pm
Saturday 4th4.00pm
Sunday 5th5.00pm
Monday 6th6.00pm
Tuesday 7th6.00pm
Wednesday 8th8.30am
Thursday 9th9.00am
Friday 10th10.00am
Saturday 11th11.00am
Sunday 12th11.00am
Monday 13th12.00pm
Tuesday 14th1.00pm
Wednesday 15th2.00pm
Thursday 16th3.00pm
Friday 17th4.00pm
Saturday 18th5.00pm
Sunday 19th5.00pm
Monday 20th6.00pm
Tuesday 21st6.00pm
Wednesday 22nd6.30pm
Thursday 23rd8.00am or 6.30pm
Friday 24th9.00am or 6.30pm
Saturday 25th9.30am
Sunday 26th10.00am
Monday 27th11.00am
Tuesday 28th11.00am
Wednesday 29th12.00pm
Thursday 30th1.00pm

December 2017

Friday 1st2.00pm
Saturday 2nd3.00pm
Sunday 3rd4.00pm
Monday 4th5.00pm
Tuesday 5th6.00pm
Wednesday 6th6.30pm
Thursday 7th8.00am or 6.30pm
Friday 8th9.00am
Saturday 9th9.30am
Sunday 10th10.00am
Monday 11th11.00am
Tuesday 12th12.00pm
Wednesday 13th1.00pm
Thursday 14th2.00pm
Friday 15th3.00pm
Saturday 16th4.00pm
Sunday 17th4.00pm
Monday 18th5.00pm
Tuesday 19th5.30pm
Wednesday 20th6.00pm
Thursday 21st6.30pm
Friday 22nd6.30pm
Saturday 23rd8.30am or 7.00pm
Sunday 24th9.00am
Monday 25th10.00am
Tuesday 26th10.00am
Wednesday 27th11.00am
Thursday 28th12.00pm
Friday 29th1.00pm
Saturday 30th2.00pm
Sunday 31st3.00pm

We operate all year round and can travel locally for special events.

Damper Bread Recipe

1 cup self raising flour

1 cup plain flour

A sprinkle of sugar

A dash of vegetable oil or melted butter

Water or milk

Put the dry ingredients in a bowl, add the oil and mix, add enough water or milk to make a dough,

mix together with a bread knife.

Divide into big hand fulls, mold thinly like a sausage, over a long thin stick and toast over a fire until firm.

Pull off the stick, open it up, spread it with jam and enjoy.